3nil Presents 3nil x Berlin, A Lookbook

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Football-culture clothing line 3nil recently made the conscious decision to celebrate the community of fans that has coalesced around the brand’s stellar designs. The result was 3nil FC, a campaign that will spotlight the individuals that support 3nil’s grassroots ethos. First, 3nil went to Montreal. Now, award-winning photographer Ryu Voelkel teams up with Berlin-based web designer Andrew Weber for 3nil’s first lookbook, a day in the life of Andrew in Berlin.

The idea behind it all.

“Berlin is a city that doesn’t scream football, but rather whispers it gently through an underground culture that reveals itself with time and careful observation. Acclaimed photographer Ryu Voelkel collaborated with web designer and Arsenal fan Andrew Weber for 3nil to capture Andrew’s daily life in Berlin; where he works, lives and plays.”

As usual, click the images to make them big and awesome.

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