7 Year Old Gets Trial With Barcelona, Makes The Rest Of Us Look Bad

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

At an age when most of us had to be told not to eat our boogers in class, seven year old Brit Kai Fifield was given a trial with Barcelona’s youth team after being spotted by club coaches while on vacation.

After joining a in on a local game with some older kids that coincidentally was being watched by scouts from Barcelona, he was invited back the next day for a trial.

The coaches said his performance was “very, very good,” and on the basis of that, he’s already been penciled in as the England number 10 for the 2026 World Cup.

His dad, predictably, is pretty excited by the prospect of his boy being a Barcelona player.

He was fantastic, he wasn’t nervous at all. I would pack our bags and move there tomorrow if they asked. Opportunities like that come around only once in your life.

For the kid’s sake, let’s just hope he doesn’t go “tennis dad.”

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