A Girls High School Team In Washington Gets Not-a-Loss For The First Time In Nine Years

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Take heart, fans of Toronto FC. Don’t be so down, supporters of Bradford City. Fret not, passionate lovers of international minnows from Liechtenstein to Tuvalu: No matter how poor your team is, no matter how many games they lose or goals the let in, it’s nearly impossible for them to approach the level of consistent abject suckitude that the Kent Meridian girls high school team suffered during a losing streak that last nine years and 130 matches before finally ending on September 6th.

The streak came to end with a 0-0 draw with crosstown rival Kentlake, thanks to a heroic performance by Kent Meridian keeper Lindsey Gonzalez and an uncharacteristically stout back line. Considering that the team was outscored 86-3 during their 2011 season, the draw with Kentlake was nothing short of miraculous. Naturally, the squad celebrated like they had just won the World Cup when the final whistle thankfully came.

Four-year starting defender Sami Bond told the Seattle Times, “In a way, it was kind of like a win for us. This is something we’ve been trying to do for a while. We didn’t let Kentlake win. We held them out even in the heat. I know I was tired, but we just kept on playing.”

According to head coach Chris Wells, this triumphant tie in which neither team scored a goal was in the offing from the beginning of the season (the draw with Kentlake was Kent Meridian’s third game of the season):

“It was just utter jubilation for the girls, and it came from all the effort they’d been putting into the program,” Wells said. “This group was always the one that was being touted as the group that would break the streak.”

Kent Meridian’s Golden Generation, then.

And don’t think that it’s just the girls of Kent Meridian who suffer though terribly long losing streaks; the boys team ended their own 6-year losing streak back in 2009 with a win over Kentwood (there must be a law in Kent, Washington that all of the high schools have to have the word “Kent” in them).

Here’s wishing the best of luck to the girls of Kent Meridian on getting that elusive win.

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