A “Kean Out” Sign Popped Up At A WWE Event In Boston

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

A few months ago, my younger brother graduated from high school. During the ceremony, they played a video in which the outgoing seniors were asked to say a few words for posterity, words to sum up the most crucial formative years of their short lives. Being teenagers, and thus awful people, roughly 93% of them shrugged and offered up an embarrassed “Yolo.” Well, “Kean out” has the potential to become football’s version of “Yolo” except instead of being stupid, it’s kind of hilarious.

On Sunday, at a WWE event held in Boston’s TD Garden arena, a fan, presumably of both professional wrestling and Blackburn Rovers (although under Sam Allardyce, the difference between the two was often semantic), held up this sign:

Now that hatred for him has gone intercontinental (it’s already international), you almost feel bad for Steve Kean. Almost.

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