adidas Launches An All New adiPure With The 11Pro

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

With rumor of adidas creating an all new range of soccer boots, the unofficial announcing of the adiPure 11Pro was the first foray into a newly revamped model. Taking the essence of the adiPure line – one of adidas’s hybrid past meets present offerings – a visual re-design is unlike the current crop of adiPures. An added element is the addition of the miCoach tracking system which allows you to track maximum speed and distances among other fitness metrics.

Fit-wise, the hybrid approach incorporates rumored Taurus leather on the forefoot with a synthetic through the midfoot. Many are up in arms over the use of Taurus over kangaroo leather, but I wore the Predator X and I happened to really like it… but then again, many said the Predator X sucked so I guess it’s case by case. The tooling is that of the SprintFrame which is a familiar aspect of the f50. Two rather smart colors are part of the initial run, unlike the Ronald McDonald f50 launch colorway of a few months ago. A release is set for February with an anticipated price of $140 USD.

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