adidas Predator Kinetic SL Next Step In Ridiculously Light Boot Race

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The trend of developing ultra light boots was undoubtedly started by Nike. Since then, it has become a common among most major footwear brands. The proverbial pissing match of seeing who can make the lightest boot possible, all while ensuring it can last a handful of games, continues with adidas’ new Predator Kinetic SL.

Joining similar offerings such as the adiZero Prime and the adiPure SL, the Predator Kinetic SL is the bigger, stronger, faster brother to the adiPower Predator. Its obvious defining characteristic is the Predator elements and its penchant to add nasty swerve when needed.

Traditionally, the Predator has utilized rubber elements to achieve extra grip and friction on the instep but in an effort to shave weight, they’ve gone without the silicone for a thinner, texturized element. That and the use of SprintSkin as opposed to Taurus leather add to the decreased weight which amounts to a 24 gram decrease in weight. The outsole is on a similar note to the adiPower Predator which maintains the same PowerSpine technology for greater power behind the ball when striking.

Some are quickly questioning the decision to release this so close to the initial debut of the new Predator, and generally I’ll agree. With a heavy price tag of $300 USD and a release so close to its predecessor, I wonder what the response will be.

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