adidas Tango 12 Balls On Their Way to EURO 2012 Teams 6 Months Before, Still Chance of Issues

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Now that the draw for UEFA EURO 2012 is behind us and the groups have slotted into place, adidas is going about passing a lot of 30 of its brand new Tango 12 match balls to each of the UEFA-sanctioned federations.

Despite the fact this will give most teams at least six months to test out the kinks, including deadball situations and what have you, the time spent training for international play is much less than that of club variety. Adidas is already covering their backsides a bit by saying “Of course it makes sense for every federation to take as much time using the balls ahead of the tournament as it is clear that the look and feel of the ball – despite being based on the old favorite Tango design – might take time to get used to, as with all balls, for all tournaments.”

On top of the training balls, each federation will receive special customized logos based on an interpretation of the team’s national flag. Some high-tech scanning and tracking system makes sure no funny business will go on, so you won’t see any FA-destined balls landing on Ebay anytime soon.

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