AIK Fans Pull The Old ‘Wake Up The Visitors’ Gag At CSKA’s Hotel

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Fireworks? Check. Whistles? Check. Super bright flares? Got it. Maybe all of this ruckus at 4 AM will make the difference in AIK’s Europa League tilt with CSKA today in Stockholm. We’ve seen better, but every little bit helps.

As a result, probably because of this video, the Swedish police are investigating the incident.

CSKA’s Swedish midfielder Pontus Wernbloom told the local Aftonbladet newspaper that the team “woke up, but there was no danger.”

AIK denied involvement and condemned the incident.

“At the moment we do not know who the people responsible for these actions are, but a police investigation has been started,” a statement on the team website said.

“Moreover, AIK has set up an internal investigation to find out what AIK could have done to prevent things like this from happening. According to UEFA rules, AIK is responsible for the opposing team’s safety.”


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