Alex Ferguson Wants “Something Stupid” To Happen At Manchester City

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Manchester City only has to beat QPR this weekend to win its first League title since Britain had industry. That hasn’t stopped Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson from hoping they’ll slip up, though.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s final weekend, the wily old Scot said:

Everyone wants to win their last game of the season and we’re no different. It’s important for us, we’ll try and do our best and win the match and hopefully something stupid will happen to City.

Do you know what happened 29 years ago today? I took an Aberdeen team to beat Real Madrid in a European final. 11 players, home bred and the oldest player was 27. That is Queens Park Rangers’ challenge, to do an Aberdeen.

The odds are stacked against them. City are in good form, at home. On the face of it you expect City to win, but as long as humans are humans you hope something stupid to happen.

“Something stupid,” eh? We’re picturing any one of the following:

  1. Joe Hart suffers an existential crisis while in the midst of saving a shot, drops the ball to ponder the meaning of life, and allows QPR to score.
  2. A giant condor carries away Yaya Toure.
  3. Carlos Tevez suffers selective amnesia, thinks he’s playing for United, and sabotages City.
  4. Mario Balotelli.
  5. Joey Barton beats up every Man City player, but claims he did it “ironically” and gets off with a yellow card.


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