Amateur Team Sets British Record With 58-0 Win, Say It Will Help Their Goal Differential

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We have a new British record for biggest ever win: 58-0, recorded by Wheel Power FC against Nova 2010 FC in the amateur Torbay Sunday League in Torquay, Devon. 58. That’s five and then an eight. To nil. Or “nothing” if you’re an American like me. The goal number beats the old record by three, and is a massive boon to Wheel Power’s goal differential. Ya think?

10-man Wheel Power was up 5-0 on 9-man Nova (who showed up with five players and scrambled to get the requisite nine) after five minutes. From there, it got ugly. A pair of brothers on the Wheel Power side scored 28 times between them.

Wheel Power’s Stuart, 21, said: “At 50-0 they’d had enough but the referee told them they must carry on playing or they would risk being fined.

“After the final whistle a couple of their players shook hands but the rest just got into their cars and drove off, but you can’t really blame them for that.

“They weren’t even bottom of the league.”

The winning side’s player/manager Andy Woodward, who scored just once, added: “The referee’s biro went blunt after a while.

“It was a bit embarrassing but fair play to the other team for carrying on – they were really sporting.

“The result will certainly help at the end of the season if it goes down to goal difference.”

Nova’s Lewis Parker, 60, said: “A lot of the players didn’t turn up so we expected to lose but not by that much.”

Stand there and take your humiliating beating or we’ll fine you. Nova had enough at 50-0? You mean they weren’t bothered at 25-0?

Source: The Sun

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