American Football Is Called ‘American Football’ At EA Sports Because Of A Golf Bet

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

EA Sports, producers of the world’s most popular sports video games, made their bones on the back of the Madden NFL franchise. Nowadays, the FIFA line of games is their most popular title, selling millions of copies around the world. This leads to a question, one that is no doubt of extreme importance to fans of both sports: which gets the unqualified “football” label inside of EA?

Via Kotaku Australia comes the answer. Thanks to a game of golf, the Madden team is called the “American Football” unit inside Electronic Arts. Point for soccer…er, I mean football.

“My title is general manager of football,” says Cam Weber, the man in charge of Madden and NCAA Football for EA Sports. “It’s on the business card I give out.”

“To me, there’s not really any rivalry,” sniffed Matt Bilbey, an Englishman and Tottenham supporter. “My official title is just general manager of football for EA Sports.”

So Weber proposed a round of golf, at Northlands Golf Course outside Bilbey’s home turf of Vancouver, to resolve ownership. “He lives on a golf course and plays a lot of golf,” said Bilbey. “So Cam gave me a 10-stroke lead.”

“I beat him by eight,” Weber said.

“Either way, I won,” Bilbey said.

“Yes, my business unit, internally, is called American football,” Weber said, sounding none too pleased.

As FIFA continues to be EA Sports number one title, one can’t help but wonder if they shouldn’t make the change permanent. After all, more of the world calls the sport of the FIFA series “football” than any other name. Madden is great and all, but to everyone outside of the United States (and maybe Canada), the sport it simulates isn’t what people think of when they hear the word “football.”

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