American Soccer Has A New Team In Vegas Called The ‘Mobsters’

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The PDL, or “Premier Development League” is a mostly amateur division way down the American soccer ladder. As the de facto fourth tier, it’s home to clubs like the Des Moines Menace, Vermont Voltage, and Southern California Seahorses (seriously) and serves as a place for college kids to play in the summer without risking their NCAA eligibility. It’s into that environment that a new team based in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada, leaps into being. The new PDL entry’s name even fits in with some of the strangest in the division: the Las Vegas Mobsters. Wait, what?

Even if “Mobsters” wasn’t an odd name for any sports team, it’s astounding that someone would choose to name a team based in Las Vegas on what is certainly the seediest, least attractive part of that city’s sordid history. Did/does Vegas have mobsters? Sure, of course. Does that mean it’s appropriate to slap “Mobsters” on some jerseys for a soccer club?


One can’t help but wonder if the name was chosen with the thought that the young and wannabe would scoop up merchandise sporting the name.

But if that were the case, maybe do better with the club badge? I mean, where’s the chalk outline of a body? Where’s the Tommy Gun? Where’s the sinister looking figures sporting fine Italian suits and fedoras? That thing is BOOOORRRRRRIIINGG.

The name does make us wonder though, if it’s possible to come up with a worse city-mascot combination. A couple of candidates:

Boston Stranglers
Los Angeles Bloods (or Crips)
Miami Communists
Toronto Rob Fords
Detroit Embezzlers

In light of the “Mobsters” name, maybe the team should be careful with phrasing. This currently appears on the club website:

Oh. My. God. Whoever that head coach is, I hope the mobsters don’t catch him.


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