An Overly Dramatic Death to a Simple Umbro Bag

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Aside from truly outlandish and virtually unwearable “fashion art” meant to be statement pieces for high fashion houses, I am confident when I say that most pieces of clothing are wearable depending on context. The guys over at British site Individualism put together this over the top video as they play the role of the fashion police.

The first culprit, an Umbro drawstring bag, is exposed not so much a villain on his own but rather engaging in an un-befitting relationship with a man in a suit. What follows is a series of comical events that lead to the unfortunate death of the bag in a shed. Contextually, you really shouldn’t be rocking a gym bag with a suit so I guess it’s fair game.

If you read the write-up without watching the video, you’re probably giving a big WTF and scratching your head.

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