And Now, The FIFA Corruption Scandal Techno Remix

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

If you need a reminder as to just how much lying and cheating FIFA does and want to enjoy a mellow electronic number at the same time, have we got the video for you.

I love a good montage. Like when the good guy in a heist movie is chasing down the bad guy, and the musical score heightens all of the drama and tension of the situation. The right music can make or break a film.

In this video, “FIFA Sold Out (Ode to Sepp Blatter)” by Soulbruthas (I think this is a remix of a remix, or something), our hero is Andrew Jennings, the Scottish reporter who has dogged FIFA over corruption for years. Scenes from BBC’s Panorama program of Jennings and others being stonewalled by FIFA officials become even more disturbing with the help of the haunting song.

The video is a bit long, clocking in at 8 minutes, but there are several highlights.

Well-chosen images and clever choices in sound bites perfectly illustrate how FIFA has played the game by their own rules. In the second minute, a still of Sepp with the World Cup trophy looks for all the world like conniving villain reveling in his spoils, straight out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Just thirty seconds later, Sepp seems to belie the money-grubbing nature of FIFA by declaring “the game has value.”

Then the Rogue’s Gallery. Members of FIFA, the men in charge of the world’s game, pose cheerfully with the Jabulani ball. Let them be shamed.

Jennings is relentless, Blatter looks nervous each and every time he’s questioned. I wonder why. CONCACAF Jack threatens to spit on Jennings. Lovely stuff by those that are supposed to be looking out for the world’s game.

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