Andrey Arshavin Was Involved In A Car Accident, Received A Grapefruit

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Since Andrey Arshavin left Arsenal, North London’s weirdness quotient has dropped dramatically. Luckily, the internet exists, if not solely for the sake of my “career,” then to keep up with the latest Arshavin weirdness.

It was reported in a number of newspapers that Andrey was involved in a minor car crash yesterday. Before rumors could spread about the incident, the pint-sized Russian took to his official website to set the story straight:

In order to avoid rumors and false information, I decided to clear things up regarding the car accident I got into. The accident occurred near the “Ozerki” metro station. I’m all right, no one was hurt. What struck me is that the driver of a passing streetcar gave me a grapefruit.


Of course he did. Andrey’s life resembles a Disney cartoon; nobody is hurt in accidents and friendly streetcar drivers hand out citrus fruit to apple-cheeked international footballers who are never ever made to track back if they don’t want to. And Nicklas Bendtner is a world class striker who gets pizza whenever he wants it.


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