Anfield Hosted A Civil Ceremony For Two Die Hard Liverpool Fans

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Weddings at Liverpool aren’t just for straight people anymore. Sarah McKnight and Christina Walls, two longtime Liverpool fans from Colorado, became the first gay couple to have a civil partnership ceremony at the hallowed grounds of Anfield. Family and friends joined the couple as they celebrated their special moment on the field and in the halls of the stadium.

Sarah and Christina’s ceremony was a big moment not just for the couple, but for the club. Liverpool is a staunch advocate of anti-homophobia campaigns, so the inclusion of civil ceremonies in the club’s wedding package offerings is a no-brainer.

Social inclusion officer Rishi Jain said: “It’s a big step for the club. We have always been proud of the work we do regarding inclusion and diversity, and to have the first civil partnership with such a lovely couple is really good.”

Source: Liverpool FC via Gay4Soccer

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