Ante Razov Sued For Allegedly Kicking The Crap Out Of A Former Trainer

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Athletes can get a little crazy sometimes. They’re driven, competitive, and pretty spoiled. But what former Chivas USA striker is accused of doing to former trainer Joshua Beaumont is more than a little crazy. Razov allegedly opened quite the can of whoop-ass on Beaumont for something to do with the rescheduling of a surgery.

Beaumont’s attorneys claim that Razov acted aggressively when informed that his ankle surgery was pushed back by two days due to a team golf tournament, and that as he attempted to leave, Razov knocked him into next week.

As soon as Mr. Beaumont turned around, Razov got off the stationary bike he was riding and grabbed Mr. Beaumont from behind by his shirt collar. Mr. Beaumont struggled to pull away from Razov’s grasp. Razov would not release his grip, and pulled Mr. Beaumont’s T-shirt partially over his head. Mr. Beaumont then felt a strong blow to the back of his head. As Mr. Beaumont hunched over in an attempt to get away, Razov inflicted a second strong blow to Mr. Beaumont’s face. This second strike caused significant pain to Mr. Beaumont. Dizzy and disoriented, Mr. Beaumont dropped to the ground on his hands and knees. As Mr. Beaumont was either bent over at the waist or on his hands and knees on the floor, Razov inflicted one final blow to Mr. Beaumont’s face. This final blow was significantly more powerful than the previous strikes and covered a much larger surface area than the two preceding blows. After the blow, Mr. Beaumont felt as if his entire face had collapsed

Beaumont, who claims to still suffer physical and emotional damage, is suing Razov, Chivas USA, and Major League Soccer.

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