Apolis and Sierra Designs’ Jacket Perfect For Terrace Rain And/Or Hurricanes

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

If the cooling temperatures and the threat of random Hurricanes showing up to ruin your weekend weren’t enough of a reminder, you’re going to need some proper protection against the rain if you’re watching football this season at a stadium or local field.

Back in the late ’60s, Sierra Designs were the brand behind introducing the latest, greatest contemporary waterproof breathable and its subsequent icon, the 60/40 parka. Since then, it’s true greater technical advances have emerged including GORE-TEX, c_change and eVent, yet the nostalgic aspect of it all draws many back to the classic.

Representing the ratio of cotton and nylon (it’s actually 58/42 but rounded for simplicity), Sierra Designs has reemerged in recent times thanks to the renaissance of outdoor and workwear… and of course its Japanese licensee. Fellow American brand Apolis teams up with Sierra Designs on this handsome looking jacket. A bit longer than the now popular Short Parka, the jacket is cut slightly longer in a nice light colored fabric. Made in California, the jacket is set for a release starting September 30 via Apolis.

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