Apparently Chelsea Think PSG Are Stupid Enough To Buy Fernando Torres

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

After Paris Saint-Germain became the latest major European side bought with grubby fistfuls of petrodollars, the predictable throng of agents and selling clubs lined up outside their front door, looking to sell their stars for huge checks. And the list of stars for sale includes, somewhat ironically, Fernando Torres. Someone must think PSG are laughably gullible.

According to former Chelsea manager and current PSG boss Carlo Ancelotti, who had the Spanish striker foisted upon him a year ago without actually wanting him all that much, Torres has been offered to the French club, and he’s not the only one. Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, he stated:

I have received hundreds of phone calls from agents offering me players ever since I signed with PSG. They have offered me some incredible names. Players who have just signed spectacular contracts elsewhere.

They all want to come here. There’s the city of Paris, there’s money and there’s a coach with a good reputation.

Do you want the names? Okay, now I tell you the players the agents are offering on the market, officially or not: Tevez, Torres, Berbatov, Pavlyuchenko, Cavani, Llorente.

Yes, the same Fernando Torres that has scored a whopping three goals in the space of a year. We hope it goes through, but only if Chelsea agree to spend the profits on buying Andy Carroll.

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