Argentina vs. Brazil Is Like Spy vs. Spy

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Remember when Mad TV animated Spy vs. Spy and the two characters spent a few minutes each week trying to blow the other one up? This is like that, only for soccer.

In this cartoon made to promote the Copa America next month, two bitter rivals face off in a war over which is the best footballing nation.

There’s a Brazilian guy and an Argentinian guy, easily identified by their jerseys. This indicates that they are either actual players, or that they’re super mega passionate about their national team and are ALWAYS representing. Brazil in classic yellow, Argentina in the traditional white and sky blue stripes. Guess which one has a mullet.

All in all, the Brazilian seems to get the better treatment.

Argentina dances alone. Brazil parties with sexy giantesses in bikinis. Argentina is confronted in the lockerroom by a miniature Orson Welles. Brazil has Pelé sitting on a throne. Diego/Orson is crushed by a wall of plaques at Pelé’s nod, Argentina cartoon guy is buried under an avalanche of trophies when Brazil guy blows a vuvuzela.

And the coup de grace, that classic cartoon gag where the ball is actually not a ball at all. I don’t think this particular model is approved for FIFA sanctioned play.

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