Argentinian Twins Combine to Form Maradona’s Name, Hopefully Not His Personality

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Meet Mara and Dona, twin girls born to Argentine journalist Walter Rotundo. In addition to the unfortunate surname (“rotundo” comes from the Latin for “round”), these beautiful girls will now go through life with their names combining to form an homage to Argentinian legend – and batshit crazy little man – Diego Maradona.

Before you say “oh, that’s weird”, and move on, know that Walter’s homage was much more specific than just a general nod in Maradona’s diminutive direction. Mara and Dona were named to honor Diego’s brace against England at the ’86 World Cup, one of Diego’s most famous performances. Which, of course, included the most famous goal Diego (and maybe anyone) has ever scored, the “Hand of God” goal. And since Walter couldn’t name his girls “Die” and “Go” or “Mano” and “Dio” (oof), “Mara” and “Dona” was definitely the way to go.

New game: what other players names can be split up for twins? How about Lam and Pard? Ron and Aldo? And will these children, when in each other’s presence, have the characteristics of their namesake? Walter might want to keep a close eye on his girls.

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