Aron Winter Says TFC Can Still Make The Playoffs (TFC Will Not Make The Playoffs)

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Toronto FC is one loss from tying the 1999 Kansas City Wizards’ record for worst start to an MLS season. Coach Aron Winter has reportedly lost the confidence of his dressing room, with captain, DP, and ruiner of my childhood Torsten Frings conspicuously ignoring Winter’s tactics. It seems to only be a matter of time before TFC’s owners bring the ax down upon Winter’s neck. But it’s totally not like that if you listen to Aron Winter.

Winter, the coach who once tried to ban the press from his locker room before being told “no way” by MLS HQ, is having an awful start to the season, even by the usually low standards of Toronto FC coaches. Toronto has lost every one of the six league matches it has played this season, scoring just four goals and allowing 13 for a league-worst -9 goal difference. A promising start to the club’s CONCACAF Champions League Campaign, where it knocked out the hugely-favored LA Galaxy, came to an abrupt end when Santos Laguna trounced TFC 6-2. A hugely symbolic first meeting between Toronto and expansion neighbors Montreal ended in a humiliating 2-1 loss for the Reds.

But to listen to Winter, it’s not too bad.

It’s very important to get the first points. And the moment we get the first points, everything is going to turn. And I believe in it. We’re going to fix it.

Yeah, just get that first win, and everything will fall into place. Never mind the fact that you’re already 8 points out of the playoff race before the season is two months old, or the fact that most of your salary bill is tied up in thirty-somethings who can’t stay healthy and don’t listen to you anyway.

Winter claims he has the backing of TFC’s owners, MLSE. On Sunday, MLSE COO Tom Anselmi told reporters:

They have to get this straightened out. Our fans deserve better.

That’s not even the “dreaded vote of confidence,” that’s an unmistakable ultimatum. And one that will probably end with a new name on the office door.

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