Arsenal Release Ridiculous 125 Year Commemoration Pack

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Written By Carl Mansson
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Here’s a gift idea for the fan who has everything. Except, you know, a trophy in the last six years.

Gotta love when a super club uses an even interval year anniversary as an excuse to release a “Limited Edition” collectors item to their droves of incredibly loyal supporters. Well “super club” might be a little strong for a club that hasn’t won a trophy in 6 years 0 months 25 days 45 minutes and 48 seconds (at the time of post).

Here we have Arsenal, clearly in need of celebrating something, releasing their “125 Year Limited Edition Presentation Box”. While already a pretty ridiculous name for something, this is even more hilarious to me because a friend of mine from school has this thing he calls “the presentation” on his laptop that is basically a slide show of these naked chicks from his high school kissing in the shower set to a techno soundtrack.

Regardless, check out what this very special “presentation box” is comprised of:

Box Includes:

– Limited Edition Collectors Home Shirt (Medium)
– Certificate of Authenticity from Arsene Wenger
– Laser Etched Light Keychain
– Arsenal USB with exclusive content

The shirt or whatever is fine but I’d definitely rather have Arsene Wenger personally certify the authenticity of his hair to everyone involved in football. I don’t care if it’s grey, he just dies it that way to keep the rumors quiet.

I guess a light keychain is kind of cool. But unless that crazy usb device their giving you has exclusive content similar to the exclusive content on my friend’s laptop, they’ve got to be kidding with that £125.00 price tag.

Unsurprisingly, these bad boys are in stock and can be obtained by you crazy gooners by clicking here.

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