Arsenal Successfully Shuts Down Hat Shop With Name that Kinda Sounds Like Arsenal

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Arsenal, being the entirely self-assured entity they are these days, has successfully sued a Spanish hat shop into oblivion because the store used the name “‘Arsenale.” Does it matter that the word is Italian for the medieval shipyards of Pisa and Venice? And that he shop is in a district that follows that tradition? Of course not.

This is a classic case of trademark protection run amok. The owner of the shop in Seville, Alicia Simon, says he’s not a football fan, knows nothing about football, and simply chose “Arsenale” because of its romantic historical connotations and the location of her shop (in Seville’s Arenal de Sevilla). She was selling self-designed hats as well as shoes, which is apparently what prompted the Spanish trademark office to side with the London football club. Weak.

Arsenal may or may not be annoyed that dainty ladies’ hats seem to personify the current state of the club.

Thankfully, Simon is fighting the injunction ordering her to shut down the shop, and will appeal to the Madrid tribunal the oversee these type of things.

Source: Eurosport

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