Ashley Cole Meets With Jay-Z About How To Become The Next Jay-Z

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Turns out Ashley Cole is quite the renaissance man. When he’s not busy being arguably the best left-back in the world or practicing as an amateur marksman, it appears Cole is now trying to make it big in the music business.

And what better man to learn how to do that from than the Jigga Man himself, Jay-Z. Cole and Jay apparently struck up a friendly relationship after the England international attended one of the rapper’s amazing live shows in 2009.

The pair met in New York this week to presumably discuss mutually beneficial opportunities that could make them both even more exponentially rich. Whether that includes an Ashley Cole rap album on the horizon no one can say for sure yet. At the very least I would expect one official impromptu hype man performance at a tapas restaurant similar to that of his compatriot Rio Ferdinand.

He might not have a good track record when it comes to being a faithful husband – but Ashley Cole looks one step closer to his dream of releasing records of a different kind today.

The 30-year-old Chelsea and England footballer yesterday visited music mogul Jay-Z’s New York offices to pick his brains about launching himself in the music business.
It could be yet another stage in Ashley’s game plan of getting ex-wife Cheryl Cole back by impressing her with his dedication to immersing himself in her world.

Cole is said to be keen to launch himself in the music business once his career as a footballer is over.
It’s also thought that shrewd businessman and entrepreneur Jay-Z – real name Shawn Carter – is looking at ways to make money from football too so is sounding out Ashley on that score to.

First off, here’s the headline the Daily Mail used:

Two can play that game: Cheryl Cole’s ex Ashley has New York meeting with Jay-Z ‘in bid to launch music business career’


Anyway, it can’t feel good to be one of the highest payed footballers in the world and be referred to as your former WAG’s ex-husband. And the crafting of that transition in the lead of the story really makes you wonder if the Mail just has a fleet of witty, scandalous robots that generate all of their headlines from a complex computer system based on key words.

Regardless, Ashley Cole sounds serious about this music business, and I predict his rise to stardom to be similar to that of Sean Combs’ character of Sergio in Get Him to the Greek. Either that or Roman Abramovich sent Cole as his personal messenger boy to proposes a plan in which Roman and Jay-Z join forces to form a Naval fleet of yachts based in St. Tropez in order to protect and defend all of their other yachts. And maybe Jay to buy an ownership stake in Chelsea.

That would have made for a way cooler headline.

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