Aussie Train Driver Makes Good On “Don’t Make Me Stop This Train” Threat Towards Soccer Fans

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When soccer fans gather en masse, there are two things that are guaranteed to occur: the consumption of alcohol in large quantities, and the singing of songs at high volume. Well, that didn’t sit so well with a train driver in Australia.

Brisbane Roar fans, coming back from their Boxing Day derby clash against Gold Coast United, so enraged a train driver with their singing that he stopped the train less than a minute after leaving the station, and the police were waiting with sniffer dogs to search the train two stops later.

Because some soccer fans were singing.

(No arrests were made)

Queensland Rail countered assertions that the action taken was heavy-handed, releasing a statement.

The train crew have advised that the crowd in the lead car of a train that departed Robina station on Monday night were banging on the driver’s cabin door and windows while using offensive language and singing loudly.

An announcement was made asking for those involved to cease their behavior – they did and the train continued without incident.

Full Story: Adelaide Now

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