Australian FA Totally Not Bitter About Losing World Cup Bid To Stupid Qatar And Their Dumb Air-Conditioned Stadiums

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When Qatar was awarded the rights to host the 2022 World Cup, most of the world cried foul, and they were right, because Qatar had bribed their way into staging the planet’s biggest sporting event. But eventually we realized that this was FIFA, and they basically do whatever they want. Except for the Aussies. They’re still pretty miffed about it.

Frank Lowy, chairman of the Football Federation of Australia, is convinced that the question of who will ultimately host the 2022 World Cup is still up for grabs. Speaking Monday, he said:

I don’t know whether you recall when I came back from that fateful day (after losing the bid) and I said “this is not the last word about awarding the World Cup,” Well, it wasn’t the last word.

Don’t ask me to elaborate because I don’t have a crystal ball… but the media all over the world is talking about that, the awarding particularly of ’22, the state of the FIFA executive committee—all that stuff.

It’s not over. I don’t exactly know where it will bounce. The only thing I know is it’s not over yet.

Lowy then returned to making a stadium shaped like a kangaroo out of his mashed potatoes.

As much as we’d love to see FIFA cleaned up and common sense reign free and the Cup awarded to a country with things like stadiums and people and occupational safety laws, we have to admit he does sound more than a bit like a stark raving lunatic/conspiracy theorist.

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