“Back Chat” Photo Series Give Arsenal Fans Something to Smile About

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

My friend and respected videographer Chris Read has been working on this photo series dubbed “Back Chat” over the last year or so. The idea for a documentation project began after the acquisition of his very first season ticket in which the goal became, “How can I document the match day experience in my own unique approach?”

What you’ll find is kit customization at its finest where the familiarity of the staple last name and number are replaced with comical and witty self-made quotes. A little bit of info from Chris is seen below.

I’ve been doing the series for just over a year. Last year I got a season ticket for the first time and wanted to do a little personal project on the club, fans, the stadium, the match day experience – at that stage I wasn’t sure what, just that I’d take my camera to games and see what caught my eye.

I’ve always enjoyed dedicated shirts and after getting the first four or five, it became quite addictive hunting them down. Why people do it? I don’t know, different people have different reasons I suppose. Some for fun, some to display a heightened dedication to fandom maybe? I think some people just like to stand out and say something and with club shirts and their enforced regimentation it’s a great way of displaying a flair and individuality.

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