Barry Bannan Is Helping Birmingham Police Fight Drinking and Driving, Looks Thrilled About It

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Like entirely too many young people who like to have a bit of good time, Barry Bannan made the mistake of drinking and driving. Doing so got him in trouble when he wrecked his Range Rover earlier this year. In addition to having his license revoked for 18 months, Bannan, by virtue of his celebrity as an Aston Villa player, is now helping the police in their anti-drink-driving campaign. And doesn’t he look thrilled about it?

I think we can all understand why Barry’s not exactly happy to be there, and I suppose a smile isn’t appropriate, but he looks too much like a surly teenager just popped for shoplifting.

Now that I think about it, that face just about says it all. Don’t drink and drive.

Source: Birmingham Post

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