Bayern Fans Get Bored With 0-0 Draw Against Hoffenheim, Have Sex In Stands

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Written By Carl Mansson
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Now, we’ve all been to games where it seems like even the players are a bit bored with the proceedings. Nobody’s really threatening at goal, and a dismal scoreless draw is looming. You could almost be forgiven for finding something else to do. Although maybe not what a couple of Bayern Munich fans did at Hoffenheim’s stadium.

After roughly a quarter hour of the Bayern-Hoffenheim game, two visiting Bayern fans were photographed bumping uglies in the away section. Nobody really minded though, except for the Hoffenheim stewards, who asked them to stop (fascists!). They did, and everything seemed to have been sorted until halftime, when they then picked up right where they had left off. An act for which they were ejected from the stadium. By The Man.

According to quoting Bild,

“I thought it did not look right,” a reader-reporter told Bild. “They had absolutely no inhibitions. Both pulled their pants down and went at it.”

“The people around them apparently were not disturbed.”

It did not take long, however, for arena staff to intervene.

“The ushers noticed the commotion and urged the two to stop immediately.”

Why doesn’t stuff like this ever happen at games we go to?

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