Bayern Munich Teases “Spectacular” Signing, Release Facebook App Instead

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When Bayern Munich blasted through its various social networking accounts that it would shortly be announcing the signing of a “a spectacular name”, fans got a little excited. Of course they did. The transfer window is open, rumors are flying, and new signings get the juices flowing when there are trophies on the line. So who could it be? Berbatov perhaps? Nope. It’s an app. A Facebook app.

And now fans are angry, and rightfully so. Instead of a new exciting signing-much less one that lives up to the “spectacular name” tease-they get a hokey social networking app. One the club justified calling “a spectacular name” by evoking “the 12th man.” The whole thing went over like a lead balloon.

“Dear fans, you probably already noticed, that we did not sign a new player,” a statement on Bayern Munich’s Facebook page read. “This app is for our fans to show the importance of you for our club.”

“Every single FCB fan is the ‘spectacular new signing,’ our 12th man!”, announced the club on their official site later.

Angry fans are angry on the club’s Facebook page, where negative comments numbered in the thousands within a few minutes of the announcement. Bayern’s bait-and-switch backfired in a rather spectacular way. It doesn’t even matter what the app does.

Let this be a lesson to you, clubs of the world: when you say you have a new signing, especially a “spectacular” one, actually have a signing.

Source: Soccernet

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