The Making Of ESPN’s MLS Playoff Coverage Intro

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Via Mac Nwulu on Twitter comes this cool little behind-the-scenes look at how ESPN put together the musical intro for their coverage of this year’s MLS playoffs. The band and the song are very generic for my tastes, but it’s not horrible, and it is in FIFA 13 (which I haven’t played). And hey, look, students getting practical experience on something that ended up on ESPN. That’s pretty cool.

When ESPN’s Bryan Rourke watched The Chevin, a Yorkshire, England, rock band, perform their hit song “Champion” on the Late Show with David Letterman in late August, the associate producer knew he was hearing the music that would eventually anchor the opening sequence for ESPN’s presentation of the 2012 MLS Cup Playoffs.

At the time, Rourke, a member of ESPN Event Productions’ creative content unit led by coordinating producer Julie McGlone, was mulling ideas on par with ESPN’s past critically acclaimed “opens” for 2010 FIFA World Cup, the NBA Finals on ABC and the UEFA EURO 2012.

“The song had a strong presence and intrigued me to learn more about the band and their music,” said Rourke.

A brief online and YouTube search informed Rourke that “an overwhelming amount of soccer fans were commenting on chat boards about the song’s use on ‘FIFA 13.’”

That overwhelming amount of comments: were they in the thumbs-up category? Did they rip the song? Or was it more along the lines of “Hey, I know this song! It’s in FIFA 13!”? I’m curious.

Anyway, here’s the finished product that is being used for each of ESPN’s MLS playoff broadcasts.

The Chevin MLS Game 4 Tease ESPN from Joe Canali on Vimeo.

Source: ESPN Front Row

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