Belgian Fans Are Bored, So They Sold Themselves To The Dutch

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Belgium, despite possessing an exciting new generation of players, didn’t qualify for this edition of the European Championships. In fact, Belgium hasn’t made a major tournament since World Cup 2002, and while the nation’s fans are anxiously awaiting a return to big stage, they don’t want to sit idly by while everyone else has their fun. So they sold their fandom. To the Dutch. Proceeds are going to charity.

The Belgian fans created a group on Facebook—which eventually attracted 20,000 members—and listed themselves on ebay.

“Second hand but mint condition. Not been used since FIFA World Cup 2002.

Once again we Belgians have no team to root for at the Euro 2012 soccer championship. Since tournaments are much more fun when you have a favourite team, we decided to put our fandom for sale at ebay.

All profits will be sent directly to Unicef.”

The winning bid of 3,000 euros came from an anonymous Dutch buyer, and the money will go to a school for children affected by conflict. Of course, just because the Belgians are willing to sell their allegiance to their Dutch neighbors for the duration of Holland’s run in the tournament doesn’t mean they’ll be locked down if and when Oranje go out.

“Once the team is eliminated,” the group explained, “we will grieve for 24 hours and then put ourselves for sale again on ebay. Hopefully joined by the previous winner since he or she will also have become an orphaned soccer fan by then.”

It’s like glory hunting, only they don’t get to choose the team. And they’re raising money for charity. It’s both offensive and heart-warming at the same time.

Source: AFP

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