Bill Gates Joins Barca’s Campaign to End Polio, Wears Jersey Over Collared Shirt

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There is no criticizing the world’s richest man for this video he did as part of FC Barcelona’s More Than a Goal campaign to end polio (today is World Polio Day). No criticizing at all. Bill Gates is a charitable man who puts his money and time into worthwhile causes all over the world, and if his involvement is going to help fully eradicate the scourge that is polio (because while vaccination has ended it in the Western world, there are still new cases every year), then we can’t come down on Bill at all.

But come on, Bill. The club shirt over the button-up collared Oxford number is not a good look. Not at all. Great job on the helping to end polio thing, though. Really.

The More Than a Goal section of the Gates Foundation website has some interesting stuff on the battle the eradicate polio, including infographics and videos to illustrate just how close we are to ridding the world of the disease.

Bill Gates vid via Invent Football

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