Blackpool Offered Brett Ormerod Less Than The MLS Minimum Salary

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There are a lot of jokes made at MLS’s expense about the low pay of some of its players, but even the lowliest Supplemental Draft scrubs look well-compensated compared to what Blackpool offered one of its club legends.

Brett Ormerod may be 35, but he’s been one heck of a servant to Blackpool. Playing (and scoring) for the club in every professional division in England, he racked up over 200 appearances and dozens of goals.

Most vitally, Ormerod found the net in the two playoff finals in which he played for the club, finding the fourth in a 4-2 win over Leyton Orient to help them into the Second Division (now League One) in 2001, and scoring the all-important winner that put Blackpool into the Premier League in 2010.

Despite scoring the decisive goal in what was billed as “The £60 Million Game,” Blackpool’s generosity fell quite a bit short of that figure. The club instead offered him the insultingly low sum of £15,000. And that’s not per week, that’s per year.

Converted to good old American dollars, that’s just north of $23,000. In contrast, the minimum wage in Major League Soccer, a league often derided for its perceived parsimony, is the relatively lofty figure of $33,750.

This isn’t the first time the Tangerines have lowballed a veteran player. Back in March, they tried to bring in former England striker Robbie Fowler on just £90 a week.

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