Brad Friedel Thinks Fabien Barthez Is An Ignorant Jerkface

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Brad Friedel is still Tottenham’s number one goalkeeper, despite the threat posed by new signing Hugo Lloris. Retired France keeper Fabien Barthez thinks Lloris should be Spurs’ number, and said as much. Friedel is none too pleased, and took to Twitter (naturally) to let fly with a response.

Said Barthez:

“He is one of the best five goalkeepers in the world.

“He is quicker than Friedel, he jumps higher and he is very strong mentally.

“What is happening now is incomprehensible, but I’m not worried about him. He will become the mainstay of the club. Hugo won’t be distracted, he is a worker.

“Tottenham will not leave him on the bench for long.”

To which Friedel replied:

…so while Friedel didn’t use the opprobrium “jerkface” as I so wish he would, he did lash out pretty strongly against Barthez. It’s hardly the most vitriolic feud ever, but it’s interesting. Mostly because you don’t want to mess with Brad Friedel.

Probably the best thing to come out of this keeper-on-keeper hate is that my discovery of a Brad Friedel parody account at @MadFriedel. Sweet.

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