Brazil Beat Argentina On Wednesday And The Highlights Have Great Sound Effects

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Brazil and Argentina, being the massive rivals they are, play an annual series of friendlies called the “Super Classico das Americas”. The first leg of this year’s edition happened on Wednesday night in Goinana, featuring South American-based players. Brazil won 2-1 thanks to a last-gasp penalty from Neymar. Go Brazil. I’m only posting these highlights because of the amazing sound effects the broadcasters used to signal a goal.

Maybe this isn’t new, but it’s definitely new to me. What is this, a wacky morning zoo? Can we get American soccer broadcasters to do something similar? Talk about a way to spice up the MLS TV product.

*slide whistle*
*guy saying “Sporting Kansas City” with an echo*
*xylophone flourish*

Yes, lets definitely do this. Like yesterday.

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