Brazilian Team Intentionally Duplicates Shirt Numbers To Confuse Opponent

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

In a bid to confuse their opponent in the Sao Paulo state championships, Brazilian side Uniao Barbarense put out two players in the second half with the same shirt number. After starting the game wearing the number seven shirt, midfielder Britto emerged from the locker room wearing the number five, the same number worn by defender Rafael Silva. The ploy worked for 26 minutes before the referee noticed and issued a yellow to Britto.

“They were on the attack and we used all the tricks we could to keep them at bay,” Britto, who finished the match wearing number 17, told the Sportv cable channel after Barbarense’s 3-2 win. “It was a strategy and it worked.”

Interesting strategy. Must make man-marking on set pieces a bitch. Of course, it’s nearly impossible with big clubs where every player is well known, and you’d have to match up general size and body type.

But really, ref…26 minutes it took you?

Source: Reuters

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