Brightstar Sports Tec Wants To Improve Grip, Give You Fantasia Inspired Boots

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It seems like almost every single boot manufacturer wants to help you get as much swerve as you can on the ball when it’s hit. Adidas has their PREDATOR technology, Nike uses the Adaptive Shield, and Puma has 3D PST DUO but unless you can bend it like Robin van Persie over Sunderland, all of the tech in the world won’t help you.

Brightstar Sports Tec realizes that fact and wants to change it with their new grip innovations to help the player control the ball. Their grip technology is made of three layers, each with its own duty in the grand grip scheme of things. According to their website, the levels are as follows:

  • Theball contact layer predominantly provides grip as the ball is received and its direction of travel deflected.
  • Configured to provide high friction gripping ball surface.
  • Themiddle layer provides movement and direction of the ball.
  • A thicker base layer may be incorporated in a soccer boot suited to a defender (where relatively higher force may be used in kicking a ball) and greater protection of the foot is needed.

That sounds all well and good but if people are going to buy whatever boot this technology makes it way onto, it has to look good and well… these could use some work.

It’s a dead ringer for Cristiano Ronaldo’s next Safari boot.

These take the Pele Sports Trinity 3E’s radioactive snail theme to the next step.

You have to wonder if the designer was really hooked on Mickey Mouse’s hat in Fantasia.

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