Cascadian Soccer Rivalry Takes On Exciting New Medium: Corn Mazes

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Perhaps KCKRS readers will remember a post last month, about a Portland-based corn maze in the shape of the Timbers logo. Not to be outdone, The Seattle Sounders now have one of their own. With Kasey Keller.

This maze, in Keller’s hometown of Olympia, features not only the Sounders logo, but the likeness of legendary goalkeeper Keller, along with the words “KASEY KELLER” in case you didn’t quite recognize him.

Keller was flattered by the depiction, saying:

It’s certainly a unique tribute and very fitting given this is my hometown and my family has known the Schilter family for years and years. I honestly don’t think too many other athletes can say they’ve had their likeness featured in a corn maze, and that is what makes it really cool to me. I hope a lot of fans can make their way to Olympia and enjoy it.

In other words: Jay DeMerit and Kenny Cooper don’t have corn mazes, so suck it.

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