Casuals – A Documentary About Britain’s Soccer Fashion Culture

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

No other sport has had such a strong connotation with fashion as soccer and its casuals. The whole society of casuals is essentially an amalgamation of several important cultural facets including soccer, music and of course, fashion.

Starting off in the ’70s through Britain, the movement was initially rooted in stolen expensive designer fashion acquired abroad on trips. Developing into a full fledged culture that sought to unify several different aspects, casual culture was arguably the last great youth subculture in Britain, preceded by punks, mods and skinheads.

In a documentary compiled by Cass Pennant, a look into the culture’s underpinnings are complemented by interviews with important players in the scene. Several snippets of the documentary can be seen in the videos posted. You can order the DVD through Amazon UK.

Source: Craig Ford

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