Cesc Fabregas Misses London, Reads Newspapers Sexily

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

While flicking through his favorite Catalan-based sports newspaper at Spain’s training camp, Francesc Fabregas answered some burning questions about his old life, his new life, and his colleagues. Here are some choice cuts from his recent interview with Sport…

When asked if has had the time to miss London since arriving back at Barca:

“I miss London because it is a spectacular city, I grew up there in a certain way because I was still practically a teenager […] I leave great friends. I will always have a home and friends there and it is only two hours away – I can go whenever I have a moment.”

On taking frickin’ ages to actually move back to Barca:

“[This season] I felt more prepared mentally. It was time to accept the challenge.”

On two of his favorite new colleagues:

“I started playing with Gerard [Piqué] when I was nine and Leo [Messi] when I was twelve. If I had known then that the three of us would form part of the first team one day, I would have said it was impossible.”

Specifically on Messi:

“He’s the best player I’ve ever seen and I do not think we will see another player like him. We must appreciate that we have a player like him.”

On the challenge of playing for Barca and fighting for a first XI spot:

“This is the biggest challenge of my life. The level I’m playing at and the fact I’m doing it with the best players in the world is what makes it so special, yet so difficult. Many games I will be on the bench and some I will play – and when I play I must prove what I can do. I have patience and will be there, ready for when I’m needed.”

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