Chad Ochocinco Went to A Bar In DC To Watch El Clasico, Probably Cheered For Both Teams

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Chad Ochocinco, former Sporting Kansas City trialist and all-around futbol fanatic, was in Washington this weekend for the New England Patriots game against the Washington Redskins. But American football was Sunday; Saturday was El Clasico, and Chad decided to hit DC’s Public Bar to take in the game.

Chad mostly kept to himself, sipping on a non-alcoholic beverage and chatting with a friend. This wasn’t one of Chad’s famous tweetups, where he buys everyone dinner; this was a soccer fan finding a comfortable place to watch the game while he was on the road for business.

Our only question is, who was Chad pulling for? We can’t remember if Chad ever publicly announced his Spanish affiliation, at least not when not physically in the presence of one side or the other, and it’s only harder to tell after we typed “Ochocino Real Madrid” and “Ochocinco Barcelona” into Google.

To wit, here’s Chad with Ronaldo during his visit to Madrid back in January:

And here’s Chad with Lionel Messi.

Chad also trashed talked Barca while claiming he would soon sign with Madrid back in January (this was before he tried out with Sporting Kansas City and we discovered that he’s not exactly a world class footballer), so maybe he’s a fan of Los Blancos but respects Barcelona. Who wouldn’t take a photo with Messi if they had the chance?

But then there’s this shot of Chad with Gerard Pique, showing off his custom made Barcelona jersey. Hmm.

It’s not exactly clear evidence, but maybe this “uh oh” from Chad’s Twitter account is a hint.

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