Champions League Bootspotting, From El Madrigal to Manchester to Milan

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Ready to take trip another around Europe, scanning the feet of players across the continent for their latest boot choices during Matchday 4 of the UEFA Champions League group stage? No? Too bad. Read and learn.

Joe Hart – Umbro Geometra Pro

Manchester City walked out of El Madrigal as 3-0 winners thanks to Joe Hart’s latest clean sheet while wearing the Umbro Geometra Pro in Black/White/Vivid Blue. The boots match up with the City kit and Hart’s gloves pretty perfectly.

David Silva – adidas adiZero F50 miCoach

Elsewhere at El Madrigal, David Silva was trying to be sneaky while wearing a blacked-out version of Messi’s brand new boots. The “boots with a brain” didn’t work for Silva like they did for Leo as the Spanish midfielder left the match in the 65th minute without getting on the scoresheet once, never mind three times.

Gabriel Girgiu – Adidas Predator PowerSwerve

See Phil Jones. See Phil Jones cower in fear as Oțelul Galați’s Gabriel Girgiu hurdles the Manchester United man’s challenge in his old Predator PowerSwerves. The Adidas favorite pops up on the pitch occasionally and is often a go-to choice for players that don’t want to switch into the newest boots just yet.

Adrian Sălăgeanu – Lotto Zhero Revolution

Lotto boots are popping up less and less on professional pitches but Adrian Sălăgeanu decided to give them a run out against Manchester United. He fired in a dangerous free kick that almost saw Oțelul Galați get on the board but didn’t do too much else in his White/Fire Red boots.

Lorenzo Ebecilio – Adidas adiZero F50

The Ajax man took his Anodized Blue/White/Slime F50s to the pitch as his side ran riot against Dinamo Zagreb but decided to add a bit of extra flash with some orange laces, as if they weren’t already bright enough.

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