Chicharito vs. Landon Donovan Soccer Knockout Video Game? Sure!

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Written By Carl Mansson
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As we draw ever-closer to the rivalry fueled USA vs. Mexico Gold Cup Final tomorrow night at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, it’s only right that fans of either side would want to punch-out the opposing team’s star player. Luckily for fans of El Tri, they can!.

Medio Tiempo has created this “fun” little punch-out style online game where the object is basically to mash the buttons so Chicharito throws left and right hooks with his green boxing gloves at Landon Donovan’s evil red-nosed face. Do it enough times and Landy gets that face tattooed with bruises courtesy of “the little pea”. But, as true to reality, Donovan is pretty quick on his feet. I only got past the first couple levels until the USA #10 had enough fire to fight back. Maybe that’s a good sign for tomorrow night?

Sadly, there is no similar game made by a US based company that allows you to rifle ill-tempered birds out of a slingshot at Javier Hernandez’s cabeza. Somebody should work on that between now and tomorrow though.

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