Children Believe In England’s Chances, Also Santa Claus

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Football often inspires childlike faith in us. If we believe hard enough, if we really want it, we might just see a miracle. We can will Landon Donovan to score a late winner against Algeria. We can make little Cal FC hold on against the Portland Timbers. We can hope against hope because once in a while, those impossibly unlikely miracles do happen. But what happens when we’ve been burned so much that we can’t bear to hope again? Well, that’s what children are for.

According to a survey conducted by automaker Vauxhall in Andover and Salisbury, children are more likely than their parents to believe that the Three Lions will make the final of the Euros and more likely to believe that England will win it.

Indeed, the teeny fans are more optimistic of England winning this summer’s euro football tournament, with 23 per cent in Andover and Salisbury, predicting the team will make it to the final, compared to 13 per cent of parents and a fifth of children believing England will lift the trophy, compared to 10% of parents.

Yeah, well, adults are less likely to believe in the tooth fairy. And there’s been more anecdotal evidence of her than a winning England team in the last 40 years.

Source: This Is Hampshire

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