Chinatown Soccer Club Are More Than Just Creatives On The Field

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Outside of the New York arts scene, Chinatown Soccer Club isn’t an entity that many people will be familiar with. Deceptively, there are few Chinese on the team except for the infamous Kang, as the team is comprised of several creatives from all walks of life.

Agency heads, artists and Lower Eastside personalities all make up the team which congregates in the LES. For a team that stresses fun and team play over victory, the tightly knit bunch have extended themselves beyond just 90 minute sessions with connections leading to other projects.

Over the years, they’ve been influential enough to embark on several collaborations including adidas on a performance minded Top Sala flatsoled shoe and Incase on a bag.

Sad to say, the blog they used to keep over at Arkitip is very infrequently (if ever) updated any more which I concede I sorely miss for its deliberately overly serious match reports.

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