Chivas Are Outcybering Everyone In The Primera, But Santos Are Stealing The LOLz

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There’s another battle being fought in Mexico, the online battle. Clubs have taken their rivalries onto the social networks and so far its a pretty one-sided affair numbers-wise. Meaning? Chivas are kicking ass and taking user handles.

The Guadalajara squad have racked up an impressive 386,741 Twitter followers and 1,200,714 Facebook fans. They’ve peppered their content with live match tweeting, player interviews and news updates on the first team. They’re followed by Club America with 105,781 Twitter followers and 605,962 Facebook fans and a kick ass motto of ‘Grande. Muy grande‘ [Big. Very big]. Um, to what are they referring?

One club who isn’t very high up in the numbers but is bringing in the LOLz is Santos Laguna. While their Twitter followers stand at 23,816, it’s their Facebook profile that caught our attention. Instead of a sports page, they have a traditional Facebook profile [with 4,779 fans] in which they list themselves as “in a relationship with Guerrera Santos Laguna.” That’s right, the female mascot.

And here she is. Quite the catch.

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