Chivas Owner Loses Money In Derby Bet, Loses Dignity In Parody Song

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

There are a fair share of celebrity football supporters around the world, yet it’s always fun to find those that are as mad about their team as we are. Enter the politically charged rock band, Molotov, and their fan girl love for Pumas UNAM.

For the 2005 Chivas – Pumas derby, the guys decided to have some fun and placed a bet with Chivas owner, Jorge Vergara. If the Chivas won, Molotov would play a free concert at their stadium, absorbing all costs. If the Pumas won, Vergara would donate 1 million pesos to a selected charity.

When Pumas pulled out a victory Vergara kept his word and paid up. For extra kicks and giggles, Molotov penned the song “Me Vale Vergara,” (a play on the phrase “I don’t give a s**t”) in which they wax poetic about their love of the Pumas and offer up a few choice words for Vergara…all to a snazzy reggae beat!

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