Classy Design Comes Together To Form Voltron FC Shirts

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

If you’re of a certain age, and I most definitely am, you can’t help but love the idea of a club called “Voltron FC.” Anxious to give his indoor amateur club from Barcelona by that name a boost, Adrian Canela designed some classy shirts based on Nike’s Park V jersey.

There’s not as much actual Voltron imagery (seriously, where are the lions?) as I would like, but there’s no way I can resist a club called Volton. Força Voltron!

At this point, it seems necessary to note that these shirts are just mock-ups and neither the “sponsor” nor Nike are involved in any way. But I hope these shirts become real and I hope I can buy one somewhere.

I will now go listen to the opening of the classic 80s TV Voltron a couple dozen times. So, so epic.

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